Travel The World Without Leaving
Los Angeles!

Ever dreamed of flying into the most exotic, dangerous and exciting airports in the world? Well now you can, right here in Hollywood! Our world class Boeing 737 flight simulator can perform simulated take-offs and landings into more than 22,000 airports around the world.

    I had an excellent experience flying the simulator! Great fun and really educational.
    Damian Field , Los Angeles.
    I have considered training as an airline pilot for years. The simulator experience confirmed my desire big time! Since returning home to Europe I have applied for Commercial Airline Pilot Training!
    Eric Thomas , Northern Ireland.
    I had a wonderful time and so did my 9 year old son who flew as well. You have a great team and the simulator is so life-like it’s crazy.
    Anuj Ajmani , San Diego.

Meet Your First

On arrival you will be met by your pilot who has completed our comprehensive instructor training and is qualified to operate the simulator. Our pilots have years of experience in the aviation industry and will act as your First Officer, guiding you through the flight experience of a lifetime. They will seat you in the simulator which is a replica of the Boeing 737NG-800 cockpit with every control, button, screen, instrument and light at your fingertips.


As you sit in the pilot’s seat, your First Officer will take you through some of the basic checks and show you the controls that you will be operating throughout your flight. They will suggest some interesting airports for you to fly from or perhaps you have a favorite you would like to try. When you are comfortable, it will be time for you to fasten your safety harness and prepare yourself for takeoff!

Your Flight

The engines will roar as you race down the runway and the First Officer calls out ‘rotate’ and you ease back on the controls and lift the aircraft into the air. There is a live feed from the airport you are flying from, giving you a sense of just how busy it is to pilot an aircraft. Your First Officer will help you monitor the screens and indicators as you take a moment to look down as the city falls away below you. That is just the beginning – you will have to come and visit us to experience so much more!